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Use Healthy Paint to Make Your Home Safe

Use Healthy Paint to Make Your Home Safe


Home painting can change the look of the room. The colors can bring good mood. It is the most useful way to give your home a colorful makeover. But sometimes the good turns bad. Paint color can badly affect your health. The most unpleasant thing when painting your home is the paint smell. But it’s not only unpleasant, it’s unhealthy. So it’s very important to pick a healthy color for your home.

Our paint company gives you tips to make your home healthy while painting your walls.


VOC free paint

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Volatile Organic Compound or VOC can highly affect health. It causes skin irritation, nausea, and headache. Painters who regularly work with these paints it affects their health. Even those who don’t regularly paint it can cause dizziness to them.

VOC is responsible for that new paint smell. The gasses of these chemicals are extremely harmful to people and nature.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set a minimum level of VOC emission for paint product. You can choose paint color with low VOC or no VOC. Consult your paint contractor for the best quality painting.


Latex Paint

As it is water based, it has low VOCs. You can easily find low VOC latex paint. When you go for buy paint, check the label to ensure they contain low VOCs.


Natural Paint

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Natural paint is biodegradable and it doesn’t include petrochemical ingredients. It has natural ingredients like chalk, citrus oil, casein and linseed oil. It has a low amount of VOCs. But some cannot tolerate the smell of citrus oil. It may also irritate you. So, before applying this on your wall test a small area. If it doesn’t cause any harm use it in your house. Before painting take suggestion from the paint company.


Oil Paint

Oil paints are durable but it has higher amount of petrochemical base. It has greater amount of VOCs. It can enter your body through skin and eyes. Oil paint has hydrocarbon that can cause respiratory problem, coughing, skin irritation or sinus.


Check Lead


Courtesy: APSense

If your house was painted before 1978 then there might be a chance to have lead in your wall. Lead paint still presents in many houses. It may present under the new paint. If so, then don’t sand your wall as the lead dust is toxic and it may harm your health. In 1978 the federal regulations restricted the use of lead paint because of its toxic substance. As long as the paint is in good condition the lead in it doesn’t affect health but when it starts deteriorating, the lead dust creates problem. If your home is older than 1978 take suggestion from your paint contractor how to remove those lead paint.


BPA-free paint

Sometimes toxic chemical bisphenol A which is used in baby bottles and canned food presents in epoxy based paints. So be careful when buying paint.


Choose color carefully