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Experiment With Your Ceiling – Color It

Experiment With Your Ceiling – Color It


Painting wall is cool and it’s the best idea to give your home a makeover. Generally, we keep our ceilings white. We have been tired of hearing how the white color makes the room look bigger and brighter. For that sometimes we miss the ceiling design. Try a new-look and make your ceiling more interesting. Yes, there are a lot of things you can try to decorate your ceilings. But the easiest way is to color your ceiling. Like your walls, your ceiling also needs some color other than white.

Why only walls, experiment your ceilings too. Our paint company gives you some tips, try these without any fear.


Same color as wall

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Paint the ceiling with the same color as wall. You may think it may look monotonous. Our paint company suggests just separate it with white color trim. It gives a sophisticated look. The other way is to tone down the color. Apply one or two shade lighter than the wall color. Same color creates a beautiful atmosphere but the room may look smaller.

So just remember some things, if your room is small apply gray or lighter tone of blue. It gives an intimate and cozy feeling. In a large room pay attention to your furniture and accessories as it complements your paint color.   


Dark color

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If your wall has white or light color, ask your paint contractor to paint your ceiling with dark color. This light and dark combination creates a unique look. Dark colors like navy, black or gray create a dramatic look. These colors make your ceiling feel lower. Rooms with high ceilings are perfect to experiment with dark colors.


Bright color

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Ceilings with bright colors such as yellow, orange make the room look interesting. It adds energy to your room. Bright color ceilings look good if the room has light color walls and neutral color furniture. Bright ceilings are looking good for happy or cheery places. It also looks nice in bathroom and kitchen where the furniture, tiles, cabinet are generally white or light color.


Architectural work

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If you have architectural work like tray ceiling or crown molding, your paint contractor recommends you to apply contrasting colors on the ceiling and white on architectural design. The dark and light contrast creates an impression.


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