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How to Choose Exterior Color

How to Choose Exterior Color


Like your interior, your outdoor also needs special care and the right combination of color. Exterior paint can change the look of your house. Sometimes the most difficult thing we face is to choosing the perfect color for our home. Our clients ask several questions to our paint company about the exterior of house. They got confused which color should go with the wall.  To give your home an eye-catching and impressive look 123 Homepaints gives you some tips and color suggestions.


Tone on tone combo


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Tone on tone means apply different color of the same family. Choose any color of your choice Apply it on the wall then use other tones of that same color to other walls.


Bright color


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It doesn’t necessary to use light colors on your exterior wall.  If you like bright tones use it on the exterior walls too. Choose sophisticated colors. You can combine it with light colors.


Use texture

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Try texture instead of the plain colored wall. Use a texture of your choice and then paint it with a suitable color. It gives a unique look to your home. The brick texture will look nice and the style immediately changes the look of your house.


Door paint


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Your doors are a part of the exterior. Give attention to your door also. Tell your paint contractor to paint it too. If you choose bright tones for your door, keep the walls muted. The door would be your focal point and it gives a unique touch.


Color the window trims