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Make Your Staircase More Attractive

Make Your Staircase More Attractive


Stairs are also an important part of your home. You paint your overall house but missed your staircase. Have you ever thought your staircase can be the central point? Give it the same importance like the other rooms of your home. Add personality to your stairs and make it more attractive.

When you give the contract to the paint contractor, don’t forget to tell him about the stairs. Our paint company gives you some ideas to make your boring staircase stunning.


Numbered Staircase

Courtesy: theironstonenest.com

This is a quick technique to design your stairs. Decals make your job easy. Design with numbers by using painter’s tape. Paint it with your favorite color and remove the painter’s tape before the paint is completely dry.


Colorful Staircase

Courtesy: lustration.me

Use leftover paints for your stairs. This would be fun to see after painting the stairs how colorful and beautiful it looks. Use painter’s tape to mask off the steps. The paint contractor starts the painting from the first step with a small roller and a two-inch brush. Use your desired and different color for the second step.


All Black Staircase

Courtesy: pinterest.com  

If you are confused which color to choose for your staircase, our paint company advices just opts for black. The color itself signifies sophistication. You will be amazed to see how stunning it looks. You may think all black might look too loud. But there are other colors to balance.

If your stair attached wall is painted white then it automatically balances the black. The black and white is the perfect color combination. You can also apply other light colors to balance the black.


Scene-Setting Staircase

Courtesy: Pinterest

Try mural decals for your stairs. Choose your desired mural. Use painter’s tape to mask the risers. Remove it before the paint completely dries. Cut the decals to the size needed to fit on the risers.


Paint Staircase Wall

Courtesy: escletxa.org

Make your staircase the center of your home. Why only stairs! Color the adjacent wall too. Give it an interesting touch. Green and white is a perfect combination if you want a natural feeling. Paint your stairs white and make the wall accent. Color it light green and you can add photo frames or art pieces. It’s an innovative idea to make your home look more beautiful.


All White Stairs