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Brighten Up Your Room Using These Tips

Brighten Up Your Room Using These Tips


Many of our clients’ home has small rooms where sunlight doesn’t play well. You should remember not every color suits with these types of rooms. But they often ignore this fact and choose dark colors which absorb all the light.  Any paint color looks dull if your room doesn’t get enough light. Your favorite color also looks different. You may think new window installation is the solution. But you don’t need to set up new windows. Our paint company gives you some tips and tricks which brighten your home without fixing any window.

Here are our some tips and tricks


Use Mirror

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Mirrors reflect sunlight and it helps to brighten up your room. Hang a large mirror across from the window.


Color white

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The best way to lighten up a dark room is to paint the walls white. The color doesn’t absorb light, in fact, it bounces back light to other surfaces.

But if you really like to paint your room with bold colors then our paint company recommends keeping the other elements white. Like furniture, art pieces, curtains, cushion, bed cover.


Use lights

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It’s really useful to apply more lights to the ceilings and walls which toned down the color. Lights can highlight the details of any beautiful designs. Another innovative way to use lights is using a picture with light which brightens up your wall and at the same time highlights your favorite picture.

Table lamps are best as it spreads light across the wall. It washes out the color.


Add blue

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After visiting the small or dark room the paint contractor will suggest you try blue shade as the color is close to the sky. It gives a cool effect and the natural light gives a pleasing calmness. Cool blue is near neutral and it goes well with the accent wall.


Go for matte

The paint finish is also important. A paint contractor will advise you to choose glossy for your dark room. Glossy finish can create glow but matte reflects light in every direction.


Contrast with black

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Add some black contrast in your room. A little black touch can change the look. Thin furniture, wall pieces, frames can be black and it rightly balances the dark and light hues of the room.


Art pieces and photo frames