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Simple Tips to Pick a Perfect Color

Simple Tips to Pick a Perfect Color


Want to paint your house but confused which color goes well with the bedroom or the living room? Picking a color is as easy as you think. But how? Our paint company tells you to remember some tips before choosing color from the palette.


Choose color from artwork

Courtesy: Finer Frames

If you have a large piece artwork which has beautiful pattern, then pick color from the artwork. If you want neutral then choose white or beige shade from the artwork.


Darker to lighter

Courtesy: Freshome.com 

While selecting hues, our paint company suggests following a rule to avoid risk. Maintain the darker to lighter rule. Use darker on the floor, medium on the wall and use lighter shade on the ceiling.


Start painting from the formal areas

Courtesy: ConnectorCountry.com

The formal areas are dining, living and entryway. Ask your paint contractor to color those areas first then pick a color from the scheme and color the private rooms like bedroom, office with the lighter shade of the color.


Color wheel

Courtesy: Proven Winners

The safest way to choose your favorite color. Just take a look at the color wheel and pick the shade. Like, your private space needs relaxing hues. Choose the analogous scheme from the wheel. Apply analogous or those colors which are next to each other like blue and green.


A touch of black