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Experiment with Dark Colors

Experiment with Dark Colors


Don’t want to paint your home with dull and boring color but fearing to experiment with dark! Then we are assuring you to choose the beautiful dark hues without any risk. Don’t worry, expert paint contractors are there to solve your confusion. In fact, dark shades are very stylish. Your home feels lively. Consult your paint company to select a perfect dark color scheme.

Let’s see how you can experiment your home with dark shades


Dark creates magic

Courtesy: biteinto.info

Add drama to your room with bold colors. If you want to spice up your bedroom, just pick the color wheel and choose the dark shade. But don’t just choose any color; you have to decide what color you choose for which room.


Sample test

Courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens

This is the most important step. Selecting a color from the palette is not enough. After choosing the color, just ask your paint contractor to test it in natural light on your wall. Then you can understand whether the shade looks good on your wall or not.


Perfect for a large room

Courtesy: Tikspor

Dark colors bring coziness. Our paint company suggested if you have a big room then it is perfect to paint it with dark and bright shades. Big rooms look uninvited. The bold colors make a place perfect for having chit-chat or spending a quality time.


Small room

Courtesy: KingGeorgeHomes.com

The experiment would have gone wrong in a small room. A whole wall with dark color makes the room claustrophobic. Instead, use some touches of dark which make the room amazing. For a break, use neutral shades like black, white, beige or gray.


Keep the Balance

Courtesy: jeriko.us

Balance dark colors with furnishings. Our paint company always suggests white space is necessary to keep the right balance with bold. White compliments the dark. Like if you want to use dark green, balance it with light color artworks or curtains. Paint the moldings and trims white.


Entire room dark color