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How Color Reflects Your Personality

How Color Reflects Your Personality


Do you know certain colors influence mood? Colors have the power to change your emotions. They have different inner meanings. So when choosing color, first decide what mood you want to create; calm, loud, playful or pleasant. It reflects your personality. The outgoing persons are tent to choose vibrant colors and someone who is more reserved, like soothing neutrals. Usually, dark colors in a room make it look smaller and the bright walls make a room look bigger.

So let’s see which color indicates what



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White gives a feel of cleanliness, peace and purity. It is the sign of innocence. This color also makes other colors visible clearly.


Use: Ceilings are generally white. It gives the illusion of higher ceiling and a bigger room. The color is also great for the bathroom. For a small room, a paint contractor prefers white ceiling.



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It is a strong color and red signifies passion. This color can lift up your mood instantly. It can also raise blood pressure.


Use: Apply this color in your entrance as this is effective to give someone a quick impression or use it in a room which can be used as an entertaining purpose.



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This bright and uplifting color symbolises happiness. Yellow has a power to cheer up someone at once. But too much yellow can be loud and irritating.


Use: The paint company suggests applying yellow as an accent. Apply it in your living room. After finishing the work, the whole family spends a quality time here. A family time should be relaxing and happy. An accent or a touch of yellow instantly boosts your happy mood.  



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Blue is opposite of red. It’s a calm color. The color slows down the heart rate. It’s relaxing but sometimes blue can become cold or sad.


Use: Our paint company suggests using this color in a bedroom where you take rest. It calms down your mind. But remember the room which receives little sunlight blue gives a colder effect and darker shades of blue signify sadness.