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It’s All about Neutral

It’s All about Neutral


In our previous blogs we have mentioned the different color ideas but this time we will talk about only neutrals. You may wonder what the new thing about neutral. After all, the light shades have no color! But you know neutral has also dark shades. All neutral is the new cool thing. 123 Homepaint’s every client has different taste. Several of them prefer all neutral for their dear home and it doesn’t look boring.

But how you apply neutrals to your home which makes it an amazing abode?

Neutral colors such as gray, beige, ivory and white in paint application has no color but these colors have undertones. So be aware while choosing these tones as in many applications the hues may show their undertones.


The all neutral room

Courtesy: Freshome.com

If you want an all neutral room then apply the different hues of the same color. Layering the walls with different hues gives a sophisticated look. Take suggestions from the paint company which hues you should apply to give an all neutral look. You can also mix and match the wall color with furniture and accessories. Like, keep the walls light while use darker shades in the furniture.


Background color as neutral

Courtesy: blog.decoracionesrubios.com

Our paint company advice to choose the color keeping in mind the natural light the room receives and how big the room is. If your room receives very little light then choose lighter neutral and if it’s a big room any hues go with the room. Make the wall as the background of your furniture.


Right color undertone

Neutral has many undertones which can blend well with other colors. It has different undertones like yellow, green, brown and blue. Choose the right tone which you want to apply.


Entryway color

Courtesy: Decoist

It is the best place to apply neutral. It’s not necessary to jar your guests always with the bright colors. Some patterns on the neutral wall will do the job. To add character to your entryway the paint contractor decorates the place with interesting furniture.


Living Room

Courtesy: Thelimeybrit

Your living room is a place where you can experiment with the neutral colors or highlight the decors with the neutral color scheme. Add a dramatic lighting to make the room more sophisticated.