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Decorative Paint Techniques

Decorative Paint Techniques


It’s fine to paint your home with beautiful, unique and solid colors and at the end, it would look really good. But what if we do something beyond good and making our home look a little different! Paint your home with a variety of painting styles. Take suggestions from your paint contractor which paint technique should go with your house or rooms.

Have a look at those techniques:



Courtesy: Royal Design Studio

It’s a diamond pattern which can be created with the proper tools. You need painter’s tape to create this pattern. Put it in diagonal strip across the wall. Add some contrast with color and it gives a perfect sophisticated look. Your paint contractor will apply painter’s tape across the wall and then put color. Remove the tape once the paint is dry.


Polka Dots

Courtesy: almrsal.com

The fun dots are easy to create. Just spread the vinyl stickers. Position them the way you like it. Also the stickers can be easily removed. It looks best in a child’s room. Decorate the dots randomly or arrange them in an order, it’s up to you.



Courtesy: Homes Alternative

Want drama in your room? Try the stripes. The wider the stripes are the more drama it adds. First, paint the wall with lighter shade then apply painter’s tape to design stripes in your required width. Then color the stripes with dark shades and after it dried up just remove the tapes.



Courtesy: Dublin Wall Decor

Stencil helps to create a repeated pattern. It combines various designs into a simple-build tool. It can work even with the out of the box frameworks. Give your bedroom a sophisticated look by using stenciling.