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Common Color Mistakes

Common Color Mistakes


Choosing a color is a difficult job and we often make mistakes while selecting them. When the clients do not understand which color they should choose for every rooms, they give this responsibility to their paint contractors. When a client gives the contract to our paint company they often ask to select the color as they are confused after seeing the palette.

Choosing a right color is an essential step as every room has its character and your furniture’s look also depends on the color.

Some common mistakes people make while choosing a perfect color tone for their home. Let’s see what those mistakes are:


An all-white ceiling

Courtesy: Over The Big Moon

If the ceiling is painted all white in a big room then it may take the room down as all white has a tone of gray. So instead of a dead white choose cream shade. Our painters do this job like a pro.


Not using neutral

Courtesy: HomeKlondike

It would be a great mistake if you miss neutral from the color palette. People are so excited about the color they love that they use this color everywhere. But the same color all over makes the room look cluttered. You need to balance the color with neutral.


All neutral

All neutral is ok but people often forget contrast. Paint your home with all neutral, looks good but if you don’t use contrast it looks dull. Ask your paint company to add a stronger hue to make your neutral home more interesting.


Everywhere same color

Connection does not mean using one color for every room. It’s too monotonous. You should know when to use the same color and when to pull back. Instead, use two color schemes which give some relief.


Different color in every room

Courtesy: loversiq  

It’s nice to choose different colors in different rooms. But when you take a tour of your home don’t you feel it’s another place! Using different color is ok but it should have a connection. Like your living room should never feel it is totally disconnected from the house. That connection makes every room is a part of the whole house.


Matching is a strict no no