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Tips to Maintain Your Wall Paint

Tips to Maintain Your Wall Paint


Painting is the easiest way to make your home beautiful. But after painting your walls, it’s important to taking care of your paint, maintain them for extending the longevity of your color.

You just need to maintain some tips and your walls look as new as the first time.


Dust your wall

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Dirt, cobwebs shorten the life of the paint. So every couple of months use microfiber dust cloth and long-handled sweeper to get rid of the dust. Also, don’t forget the ceiling as it tends to collect airborne dust.


Painted surfaces

Your painted surface has to require some maintenance. To clean your interior walls use a sponge and wash your wall with mild soap water. Gently pressure the sponge while wiping the surface. Strong strains can be wiped out by using abrasive cleaner and water. Then wash with water.



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Some places on your wall may need touch-up paint. If you don’t have leftover paint from the original batch then make sure to buy the same color and sheen again for your touch-ups. Because a slight difference in color tone can make a big change.


Crayon marks

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Wall is a canvas for kids. You can’t resist them to drawing on the walls. But sometimes it is difficult to remove the crayon marks.  Use a sponge and mild soapy water to clean those marks or a heavy-duty degreaser cleaner.



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As it is your cooking place it leaves most oil marks. As semi-gloss or gloss paint is generally used in the kitchen you have to be very patient while washing the walls. Glossy paints are easy to wash, clean every two weeks to maintain your paint.


Restore damages

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Whenever you notice damage, give a retouch. First, fill up the holes. If you see bubbling that’s mean there’s a leak, fix it immediately after you notice. Then rub and sand the area; finally, re-paint it.  


Strong Cleanser

If water and mild soap cannot remove the dirt completely use a strong household cleaner or a degreaser cleaner. Stronger detergents can fade the paint so make sure to read the instructions carefully before using it. To remove the stubborn marks use baking soda on a damp sponge.

After washing for several times the glossy painted walls appear dull. So for that, instead of washing rub the wall with a soft cloth.


Exterior paint touch-up

Clean the exterior wall with soft bristle brush and detergent. Use the brush in up and down or side to side motion. Rinse the wall thoroughly.

To repair the damaged paint, the technique is simple. First, scrape it, then apply primer and repaint it. The same tips for your exterior use the leftover paint. If you don’t have it then buy the same color from the same brand.

Paint protects your walls and house. So it’s very important to maintain it. After three years, our paint company gives free touch-up and exterior wash by the jet washer.

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