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Color Blocking Ideas for Your Wall

Color Blocking Ideas for Your Wall


You want a fashionable look on the wall but don’t wish to use wallpaper! Try color blocking. The term is famous in the fashion industry. This trend has come back into fashion in the 70s. For a fashionable look, use color blocking on your wall.

The paint contractors are applying this technique by selecting a particular zone on the wall. Then use the colors which are different from the main wall color. It creates a sophisticated and classy look.

How you use this look

There are number of designs you can try.


Color palette

Select the colors you like from the color palette. Use those colors on your wall to create color blocking.



Courtesy: Lowe s

Our paint company has another styling option for your wall. Use this trend as a backdrop of your wall decor. This color blocking highlights the decor and adds volume to your wall.


Use in an open space

Courtesy: cococozy.com

If you have an open kitchen in the living area, use color blocking to separate the kitchen from your living.


Use painter’s tape or stencil

This is your paint company’s job to use painter’s tape if you want a straight line and for curved lines use a stencil.


Use behind the furniture

Courtesy: Harbers Interior Design

It doesn’t look bad if you use color blocking as a background behind your furniture. The paint contractor suggests this is best to highlight your furniture more.


Make an accent wall

Courtesy: Pinterest

Make the pattern on a wall which doesn’t have many features such as windows, moldings and etc. Use color blocking to make an accent wall.


Masking Tape

The paint company must use ruler or masking tape to give the edges of color blocks straight and sharp finish.


Halfway up

Keep your walls white or neutral color, and then choose a darker or bright color to paint halfway up.


Ceiling Color