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Quick Painting Tips to Decorate Your Home

Quick Painting Tips to Decorate Your Home


We all want our house to look more attractive. You know you just make your dull and boring home interesting with a simple magic; that is paint. It gives a new life to your home. The blank walls are your canvas. You can paint whatever you want. But the canvas should look appealing.

When someone gives contract to our paint company, they ask some small color tips to renovate their homes. Play with colors and it can update the look of your dream home.

123 Home Paints gives you some tips and tricks to renew your boring home



Courtesy: homeinspirationideas.net

Paint your ceiling dark for more intimate space. It creates an illusion of low ceiling. It would definitely change the look.


Your Front Door

Courtesy: HGTV.com

Give your front door a different look by painting it with unique color. Try a gorgeous red or yellow which is not an everyday color.


Light Color

Make a small space look larger by paint it in light color. Our paint company suggests use white for a brighter look. Suppose you like a darker shade, paint your walls with the lighter hues of the color.



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If you don’t want to use any color go with all-white. All-white is as effective as vibrant color on different walls.


A Child’s Room

Courtesy: designtrends

Ask the paint contractor to create cool murals like star, sky or cartoon characters in your kid’s room. Also try interesting textures on the wall.



Mix and match with different hues for an exciting look. If you don’t like flat color then create texture on your walls.