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Impress Your Guests with Striking Front Door Colors

Impress Your Guests with Striking Front Door Colors


Last week our paint company visited one of our clients’ home. After the color selection of different rooms when we asked him what color he wants to choose for their front door, he responded very casually. The client said does it really matter! Front doors are generally black, brown or dark in color. So color it in one of those.

Most of the people have a wrong conception about the front door. They neglect it. But 123 Home Paints always suggests one can color it whatever color they want to choose. Of course, it depends on the house style, surroundings and other factors. Our paint contractors in Kolkata, Siliguri and Bhubaneswar always recommend giving the same importance to the front door like other rooms.


It’s your impression

When choosing your best front door color, remember this is the first thing people notice when they visit your house. It helps to give accent tones.


Color Wheel

Selecting a color is not that simple. There are lots of logic in choosing a color. But if that confuses you pick a color wheel. It is a great way to mix and match colors. It shows you which colors best compliment another. The color schemes on the color wheel based on monochromatic, analogous, complementary and contrast colors. You can ask the paint contractor to suggest you from the wheel.


Your house style

Courtesy: DMEB

When it comes to choosing color for your front door, your home style also matters. While painting your front door the paint contractor suggests the color in according to your home style. Dark color doesn’t go well with every type of house. The other factors also matter like surrounding landscape, other material colors etc.


Your Moods

Courtesy: SBL Home 

Color has a direct relation to moods. Bright colors offer energy while the darker tones give a traditional feel. Use darker tones for your front door if the house color is light and if your house is dark in color choose lighter shades for your front door.


Colors for your front doors


Courtesy: Memorabledecor.com

White stands for peace. Pure white is precious and it stands out. White brightens the place. It looks really luxurious.


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This is always classy. It creates an elegant statement. Use the color with other exterior colors to give your home a unique look. For an added effect choose high-gloss black.

Bright Yellow