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Attractive Attic – Turning It into an Interesting Place

Attractive Attic – Turning It into an Interesting Place


Our paint company 123 Homepaints have faced many questions. The clients asked us should they paint this wall or that wall...does the color go with the room. As a paint applicator, we have to visit many houses in Kolkata, Siliguri and Bhubaneswar. Every house has a different style and pattern. If the house has slanted walls or a very small space then it would difficult for them to decide what color they should choose to look the place or wall attractive.

Attic is such a place where the area is small and also the wall or walls are slanted. But this is also a room. There are some obstacles to convert it to a living room and it is really a big job. Let’s see how to give an attic a wonderful makeover.


First Primer

Courtesy: Sherwin-Williams

The first step is obviously primer. Before put color, you have to prepare your wall. If you use drywall for painting it may absorb the paint unevenly. Primer also smoothens up the wall. But drywall is also used for painting. Latex primer is best for drywall. If your wall is designed with wood then finish it with an alkyd primer.


One Color

Courtesy: SloDive

As the place is small and it has odd shapes you have not many chances to experiment. Attic room is generally beneath the roof. The shape may be angular or triangular. For the unusual shape, anyone can be tempted to ask the paint company to use different colors on different walls. But it only makes the attic look smaller. So choose only one color for your wall and ceiling. It opens up space. But still, if you want a second color use it on moldings and door. You can also design an accent wall if the attic has a straight wall.


Use Light Color

Courtesy: Decoration

Lighter shades tend to give an illusion of bigger space. The paint company advice you to paint the walls with neutral colors. This makes an attic look more spacious. The best color is white. It gives your room a bright look. But you can also try the beige and cream color.

But if you like bright colors use pastel shades. Light blue, green, peach, yellow. The pastel shades make the room calm. The cheery colors like bright yellow, orange add brightness to the room.


Design the Wall

Courtesy: AcceleRamB

If you paint light color then you can combine it with designs. Design one wall and keep the rest in monochromatic color. This gives a different look.


Use Decors

Courtesy: Rilane

Your wall is your canvas. Decor it with a big wall clock, painting, antics. Or make it beautiful with some memories. Put your precious photo frames with your family and friends on the wall.


Slanted Ceiling Color