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Paint Style for Your Exterior

Paint Style for Your Exterior


Painting exterior is as important as painting your indoors. Outside of your home is also needed special attention. This is the first thing people see when they enter your house so it has to be beautiful. When we visited our clients’ home in Kolkata, Siliguri and Bhubaneswar, some of them have wonderful exterior but some want advice how to make their simple exterior outstanding.

We all want to make our dream home more beautiful which envies the neighbors. To make it impressive, 123 Homepaints has some tips for you.


Color Combos

Courtesy: Ward Log Homes

You can paint your exterior walls with combination colors. Color walls using the same color tone. It would add extra contrast to your walls. If you use yellow then use the lighter or darker shade of the same color tone on the other wall.


Bright Colors

Courtesy: Livspace.com

This is not necessary to always use same color tone. You can always add some bright colors. On the window pane, shed, on the balcony wall use some bright cheery colors. But remember whatever color you choose it must be blend with the light color tones. Like if you use light peach colors on your walls then contrast it with brown or dark red.


Use Texture

Courtesy: Sultan s Painting and Decorating

Want to try something new! It doesn’t do any harm if you experiment with your walls. Instead of plain wall and color, you can style your wall with texture. According to your house type, you will find different types of texture. Combine it with color. It will create a unique look.


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