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How Much do Painting Contractors in Kolkata Charge?

How Much do Painting Contractors in Kolkata Charge?





A fresh coat of paint always gives your home a new and refreshing look. Home painting is a great way to make your home look cleaner and brighter. Paint a home perfectly is not an easy job. You need experts for flawless work. Only house painting contractors can give your home a professional touch. But how much do house painting contractors in Kolkata charge? The answer is it depends. Room size, ceiling height, trims and moldings, square feet and the cost of labor, the budget depends on all these factors.


The bigger the job the higher the budget. You can paint the entire house, just the interior or just a single room. The charge for the house painting contractors in Kolkata depends on the total area which you want to paint. The cost also depends on the condition of your house. If it needs too much preparation, then the charge will be higher. Like cleaning, caulking, sanding, scraping and fill up the nail holes. Also, a highly textured wall needs special equipment. It may raise costs.


But before you hire a painter you should have a clear idea of why you need to give the contract to house painting contractors.


Anyone can paint walls but if you want a perfect finish, then you need to give the contract to professionals.


Only the house painting contractors know the best type of paint for your home. Like a flat finish for the dining area, eggshell finish for the kitchen and a semi-gloss finish for trims.


House painting contractors in Kolkata do all the necessary preparation work before start painting. From sanding away the rough edges to fill holes. This can’t be possible without an expert painter.


They will give a smooth finish to the edges and remove drip marks. The house painting contractors also apply paint to the hard to reach areas.


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