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How Do Wall Colors Affect Your Mood?

How Do Wall Colors Affect Your Mood?





Colors not only increase the beauty of the room but also affect our mood. Most people do not have the idea that color can influence their mood. Every color has its own significance. So choose the colors wisely. People who live in a house make the color beautiful by selecting a shade that reflects their personality and preference. Take suggestions from house painting contractors.


Colors have the power to change a room’s look and appearance. So, before selecting your room color, check out some basic information


Choose color wisely

Every color has a psychological value. Before you choose a color, think about how it makes you feel. Colors influence mood; it can be tranquility or rage. To give your home a peaceful look you have to pick the color carefully. Ask house painting contractors for any confusion.


Effect of Room color

There are different colors and you can easily find one for every mood, your personal desires and taste. Light colors make the room look bigger and brighter. Whereas, darker shades look warm and give an intimate look to a bigger room. For any query ask our house painting contractors.


Colors and Their Meanings


This warm color enhances energy and builds up the excitement. The color stimulates blood pressure and heart rate. This is an ideal color for the living room and dining room.



White stands for purity, transparency and cleanliness. Color white automatically gives your home a clean look. White or off-white color gives an illusion of a bigger space.



This cool color is calming and relaxing. Blue brings down blood pressure and heart rate. Blue is recommended for the bedroom. Blue is ideal for the bedroom where you need to calm down.



This is a color of joy and sunshine. The color reflects happiness. It uplifts mood. But a large amount of yellow creates depression and anger.



This is the most restful color. This natural color is associated with nature, so green soothes eyes and refreshes mind. For this reason, green is suited to almost any room.



This vibrant and energetic color is perfect for an exercise room. The color increases the energy level.


Ceiling Color

The ceiling is an important part of the room. It represents one-sixth of the space. Generally, light color gives the ceiling a higher look and dark color makes it look smaller. That is why most people prefer white as the safest option for the ceiling.


Take help from house painting contractors to know which shade looks good for your room color. Don’t hesitate to dial our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514. Experts from 123 Home Paints’ will guide you to choose the color that suits your mood and personality.




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