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What Does Exterior Painting Cost?

What Does Exterior Painting Cost?





Painting your exterior is as important as painting interior. The exterior surface is exposed to sunlight, moisture, rain and other weather conditions. So prevention is needed to keep your surface protected from harsh conditions. Not only that, exterior home painting increases the appeal of your house. You need a good house painting services for painting. Before painting the exterior a question may come into mind how much it would cost to paint the exterior.


Well, this is a tough question as it would be difficult to say the exact cost without inspecting the house. Square feet, windows, main door, grills, roofline etc do matter when it comes to home painting; be it interior or exterior. Some have a big house, some have small and some live in an apartment.


Exterior home painting cost depends on some factors


Raw Material

Costing raw material is also important. Paint, primer, caulking, tape, masking paper, masking plastic etc. the amount of the materials depends on how much preparation is needed. More preparation means more raw materials. Only good home painting services can make your exterior look good.


Coats of Paint

Fresh coat or repaint, this is one of the main factors while estimate exterior home painting. A fresh coat of paint needs 2-3 coats of paint and 1-2 coats of putty. While if your house needs to be repainted then it needs touch-up putty and primer with 1-2 coats of paint.


Paint Type

Paint type is another factor that may affect the costing of painting. Water-soluble distemper paints are cheaper and less durable. It also has an odor. On the other hand, emulsion paints have standard quality. This can be both water and oil-based. The price of emulsion paint depends on different finishes. Like, matte, glossy etc. Texture paint is the most costly and generally used for the accent wall. Texture paint requires special base preparation and tools. So, additional labor charges may require for the painting. 


Number of Colors

If you are using a single color, obviously the painting charge is lesser than multiple using of colors. Also, the chances of wastage are high while using multiple colors. If you choose a dark color, then the cost is higher than light colors.



Some homes may have some obstacles like large bushes or steep sloping ground. Without expert house painting services, this is really hard to calculate. You need a professional paint company to do the job otherwise your painting cost would be higher than usual.


So, the above points depend while estimating the budget for exterior home painting. It’s best to call 123 Home Paints for house painting services. Our experts will be there to estimate the budget. Feel free to call our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.




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