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How Much Does It Cost to Get Your House Painted?

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your House Painted?





Home painting is the most important investment as colors not only increases the beauty of your home but also it works as a safeguard from harsh weather and dust particles. A fresh coat of paint makes the home look new and refreshing.


Before painting a home, it would be a common question that how much it would cost to paint a home. Well, every home has a different structure and size. Actually, there are lots of factors depend, before estimating a cost for house painting in Kolkata. So prices can vary depending on square ft, the place you live, the portion you want to paint, whether it is interior or exterior, house color type and finishes.


To give an accurate amount for house painting in Kolkata will only be possible when painters visit your house and take the measurements. Which type of paint material you are going to choose for your house color, has a bigger impact on the budget.  


House color quality also affects paint prices for house painting in Kolkata. Higher-grade paint tends to stay on the surface better and for a long time. This makes higher-grade paint cost, higher than lower-grade paint.


Primer is also needed before painting as it creates an even finish on the wall and seals the paint. It also prevents the paint from soaking into the wall. Primer is also beneficial for walls with water damage, stains and grease marks. There are three types of primers for different usage:


Oil-based; which is best suited for woodwork like dry wood, new wood and painted wood.


Latex-based primer is ideal for drywall, plaster, woodwork and painted metal. It is also eco-friendly as it has no or less VOC compound compared to oil and shellac primer.


Shellac primer is good for interior painting as well as the exterior paint job. This primer is excellent for water or smoke damage on walls. It also used on metal, plaster, wood etc.


Primer costs vary according to the type and usage. Every house wall may not need a primer but this can only tell by a professional after checking the wall condition.


So it is difficult to give a house color budget without inspecting your home. If you are planning to color your house, don’t be late. Call 123 Home Paints’ Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514 for house painting in Kolkata. Our experts will be there to estimate the budget. Paint your house with us without any doubt and get low-cost EMI.




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