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What is The Best Color to Paint A Child s Room?

What is The Best Color to Paint A Child s Room?

Home painting is a serious thing. House color gives your home a different look. So you have to think before choosing each room color. While choosing a color, don’t forget your kid’s room. This room is as important as other rooms in your house. Children change their ideas of color as they grow up. So choose the color wisely. Pick a color that your children can grow with. Before you select their room color, make sure you ask them about their choice. This gives them importance.


Let’s check out some favorite kid’s room color



Choose a bright color for the kid’s room. Yellow is cheerful and active. This house color helps children to stay positive and lively. This bright color increases concentration and kids feel more energized.



This versatile color goes with any color. Paint kid room with this color and use wall accessories of your kid’s choice. Children will love the combination of this color and their favorite accessories.



This warm color is not for every room color as this is bold and sometimes looks overpowering. But red in a kid’s room looks bright and interesting. But you have to use it smartly. Use red as an accent color that enlivens the room. It would be fun if you can use the fire engine red. Kids can easily relate and they will love the color.



Pink is generally treated as a feminine color. Ask her which shade of pink she will love for her room. Pastel pink shade is sweet and charming; whereas a bold pink looks interesting. Combine bold pink with blue, white and gray. This makes her room look fun-filled yet sophisticated.   



This shade of green looks wonderful and this is very soothing. Lime works for any gender or age. Go for a brighter tone rather than dark. This house color looks smart and stylish.


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