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How to Choose A Wall Color That Matches Your Personality?

How to Choose A Wall Color That Matches Your Personality?


Choosing colors is not an easy task and we mentioned this several times in our previous blogs. But if we select color keeping in mind some simple things, then it won’t be that hard, like your personality. Colors have a relation to our personality. When you choose the color, keep in mind your personality and select the shade according to your persona. After all, it’s your dream home. It should reflect your mood, your choices and likes. So paint it in that manner, choose a color that’s right for you. Contact expert home painting services Kolkata who can suggest you the color that makes your home painting great. 


Let’s check out below the color suggestions according to your personality type


Calm and Cool

If you like calmness and want to stay in serenity, then cool color shades are for you. Blue, lavender, gray, violet or light green these tranquil and soothing colors are ideal for that to match your personality. These colors give you the ultimate relaxation. Get the best home painting services Kolkata and make your home painting beautiful.


The Cheerful You

Warm shades are for the joyful. Compliment your walls with the colors that suit your personality. Bright, cheerful and sunny colors like yellow and orange create an energetic vibe. These warm colors are lively and enthusiastic and make your home painting attractive.



If you like to keep things simple and understated then choose neutrals and light blue for your home. Simple is beautiful if you decorate it in that manner. Your room should look uncluttered where you can relax. Consult our home painting services Kolkata and chooses colors wisely that represent you.


Nature Lover

The best palette for the nature lover is the mix and match of blue, green and yellow which give your home a peaceful look. Take inspiration from nature and make home painting naturally beautiful.


The Romantics

Those who like to give their homes a romantic touch dark and rich color is ideal for them. Red, dark violet, navy and olive create a romantic ambiance. Pair this with neutral accent pieces that give a modern and refreshing look. The pairing of bold colors with neutral accessories makes the room relaxing and eye-catching.   


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