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Top 10 Wall Decoration Ideas

Top 10 Wall Decoration Ideas


Treat your home wall as a canvas that can be decorated in various ways. A blank wall does not give an impressive look, we need to decorate the walls. It can be simple, minimalist or can be extravagant. An amazing style can boost your home’s style factor. Walls play a key role to give a house a touch of style. Right wall decoration can change your home’s look instantly. You need an expert paints company in Kolkata to decorate your walls properly.


Our painting contractors in Kolkata give you some amazing wall decoration ideas


Colors and Mood

Every color has different meanings and every color has different effects on our mood. It’s necessary to fill up the walls with colors according to your moods. Suppose, you like happy colors then paint your living room yellow and add some texture. You’ll get the look that you want.



An indoor plant is a good decorative idea to add greenery to your home. It makes your home refreshing and attractive at the same time.


Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can be a simple yet elegant decorative idea. This is cost-effective and mirrors make a room look bigger and brighter. Take a suggestion from our paints company in Kolkata.



Photos speak a thousand words. A wall dedicated to your memories; your childhood, family, friends can be a great idea to decorate your wall.


Wall Lights

Lighting is a crucial part of home decoration. There are varieties of wall light designs. Right lightings can change a room’s look instantly, it also adds glamour to your home. Our paints company in Kolkata recommends you which light looks good on your wall.


Wall Hangings

Various types of beautiful wall hangings are available in the market. Hand-woven, bohemian style, vintage...choose your favorite and decorate the wall.


Large Black and White Photo

You can create a statement wall with a large black & white photo frame. It can be your personal photo or any other meaningful picture.


Wall Arts

Choose wall art designs of your choice and design the wall. But keep in mind the wall color. Your wall art should complement the wall color. So take help from painting contractors in Kolkata and choose wisely.


Quotes on Wall

It’s a unique idea to use inspirational words. Motivational quotes add liveliness and every day when you look at the quote it boosts your morale.   


Wall Texture

Wall texture gives walls a totally different look. You can find different textures like wood, stone, brick and textured wallpaper. Ask our painting contractors in Kolkata which texture looks good on your wall.


Our paints company in Kolkata gives you the solution which wall decoration idea works for your home. Call 123 Home Paints’ expert painting contractors in Kolkata. Get our service in West Bengal and Delhi. Contact our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.

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