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5 Winter Color Ideas Suitable for Your Home

5 Winter Color Ideas Suitable for Your Home


It’s December and this is the time people bring out their warm clothes and comforters. Winter is here to give us chill and delight. Our homes also need some comfort. So it’s the best time to add warmth to your home painting in Kolkata. Create a cozy ambiance with warm colors. Using these colors in the winter season make your home cozy and comfy. There’s no need to use warm colors only on your walls. You can add warm colors, also in your accessories. Choosing the right warm color shade is important. The right shade, comfortable furniture and accessories create the mood and set an exciting design.


Our house painting contractors suggest you the winter colors that will bring comfort in your home



It’s elegant, sophisticated and luxurious. Burgundy brings warmth to your home. You can paint a particular wall with burgundy or use fabrics and accessories in this color. Contact our house painting contractors for house painting in Kolkata.



This warm color not only brings warmness in your room but also energy. Combine orange with gray and prepare your home with great contrast. You can keep your entire wall gray and create an accent with orange. Our house painting contractors guide you whether orange looks good on your wall or not.


Navy Blue

Deep color like this one creates an inviting ambiance. This color gives an intimate feel. But as the color is too dark use it as an accent. For house painting in Kolkata call us.


Chocolate Brown

This warm color adds richness to your home in winter. Use it in your dining room. This color creates coziness and comfort. Take a suggestion from our house painting contractors.


Golden Yellow

In this cold weather, what can be better than bring sunshine into your home. Golden yellow is the ideal warm color for your living room. This color gives a fresh feeling and also energizes your mind. For house painting in Kolkata call us.     


Take suggestions from our house painting contractors which color looks good in your room. For house painting in Kolkata call 123 Home Paints. We are available in West Bengal and Delhi. Get us in touch through our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.


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