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5 Latest Trends of Flooring

5 Latest Trends of Flooring


Painting is not the only thing that gives our home a new and fresh look. Of course, home painting makes walls look amazing but did you ever think the floors of your house also need your attention? Try flooring. There are various styles of flooring designs. The stylish designs add a new dimension to your home. Contact good house painting contractors who can give you a proper suggestion about which design and style go well with your home flooring.


Let’s check out some outstanding flooring options that will make your home surely awe-inspiring. You just need proper house painting services.


Gray Wood Flooring

This type of flooring is a good option for farmhouse type houses. This style gives a fresh and unique look. The neutral palette provides a sophisticated look. Choose from vinyl, laminate and wood effect style.


Natural Wood Flooring

This natural wood-style flooring gives a natural wood look. This gives the illusion that these are real wood. Consult our house painting contractors to get the best house painting services.


Parquet Flooring

Parquet is actually hardwood floors made of solid wood pieces and they are arranged in geometric patterns. No doubt this pattern looks awesome but it’s quite expensive. So go for high-quality vinyl where you can get the same effect with half the prices. Our house painting contractors will give your home an expert touch.


Black and White Flooring

Bring back the vintage look with the black and white classic combo. Design floor with this vintage style but with a modern twist. Style your floor with bold and graphic design. This combination of vintage and contemporary style gives the home a perfect look.


Graphic Flooring

This style is very unusual. Not many people use the graphic pattern on their floor. Graphic style is for those who love unique and different patterns. This looks like one large design. You can also replicate a design or image on the tiles. The experts will do that using advanced technology. Generally, graphic tiles are monochromatic but you can experiment with this style with bold colors. You need to give your home a good house painting services.


Our house painting contractors will guide you to choose a flooring design. Contact 123 Home Paints to get our best house painting services. Get our paint company’s service in Kolkata and Delhi. Don’t forget our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.

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