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Small Room Decors

Small Room Decors


It feels amazing when you choose various colors for your rooms. In our previous post, we said to paint your rooms according to your room’s character. What do you think if your home has a small room how you treat it! Most of the people treat it like their other rooms. But you have to give it a special attention. That’s mean the wall color, the decorations everything needs to be chosen very wisely. Otherwise, it may lose its visual appeal.

Some days ago, 123 Homepaints visited a client’s home in Siliguri. They asked us to paint their small study room brown (their preferred dining room color). We told them they can paint it dark but then the room wouldn’t look spacious.  Many of our clients don’t have a clear idea about small space decoration. We are here to solve your problem.

Some things to remember...

First of all, ask yourself what you want. Do you want your room look bigger or do you want to make your room look beautiful!


Small rooms look bigger
Courtesy: javedchaudhry.net

If you want it to look bigger then neutral or pastel shades are your best options. A lighter color can make your room look spacious and airy. White is the best color for a small room but sometimes it looks boring. Don’t worry, in the color palette you have many options to choose from the neutral shades. Because of its simplicity warm neutral colors do wonders in a small place. The colors reflect light.


Small rooms look beautiful
Courtesy: Decor Pics and Home Decorating Ideas

If it doesn’t matter to you whether your room looks smaller or not; you just want it to look beautiful then there is no need to choose neutral colors. Choose the color from the palette which you like the most.


Dark Colors
Courtesy: GJ-Home Design

Dark colors can look great if you use it as a decorating theme. Make the dark color wall your backdrop and decorate it with artworks.


Monochromatic Color

Courtesy: Pinterest

The safest option to paint your small space if you like it look bigger choose a monochromatic scheme. Color the walls with shades of the same color. It gives a sophisticated look and this also goes well with various decorating ideas.


Accent Wall