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How A Trendy False Ceiling Can Change The Look of Your Room

How A Trendy False Ceiling Can Change The Look of Your Room


Home painting is a great way to give your home a makeover. However, there are different wonderful concepts to renovate your home to an entire new level. Generally, we give importance to our walls. But did you know the ceiling is an important part of home decorating? A false ceiling can change the look of the room. Contact painting contractors in Kolkata to know more about false ceiling.


Our paints company in Kolkata suggests you some great false ceiling designs


Geometric Ceiling

Create a different style with geometric ceiling. This attractive design definitely grabs attention and changes the look of the room. Contact our painting contractors in Kolkata.


Striped Ceiling

Stripes give a trendy look on the wall. It’s a popular design technique. You can try it also on the ceiling. Stripe could be a fascinating choice and it’s also stylish. Our paints company in Kolkata recommends keeping the walls plain and focus only on the ceiling.


Wooden Ceiling

Wooden design gives a welcoming vibe. This makes a room look warm and comforting. So you can try the wooden ceiling design. This not only makes your home more charming but also attractive. Our paints company in Kolkata does the job efficiently. 


Flower Style Ceiling

Give your living room, a garden-fresh look. A ceiling with flower crafted design is enough to increase your home’s glam factor. Make it more glamorous by installing lights. Anyone will fall in love to see the glowing flower design.


Rectangular Ceiling

This design is the best choice for your bedroom as it makes the room bigger and wider. Set up lights and make it look glowing and radiant. Consult our paints company in Kolkata to know more.


Kid’s Room False Ceiling

Kids love bright and beautiful designs. Paint the room with dual tones. Choose their favorite colors for the ceiling. Consult home painting contractors in Kolkata. Take suggestions from them and design a stylish ceiling for them.


Bold Color Ceiling

This is unusual to choose bold colors for the ceiling. Usually, people prefer neutral or light colors.  But bold color has its own charm. Paint ceiling with vibrant color and make it stand out from others. Our expert painting contractors in Kolkata will guide you to choose the right color for you.


Sun-Shaped Ceiling

Design your living room with some energy. A sun-shaped ceiling would be a better idea. Paint it with sunny yellow color and set up lights there. This makes the room shine like the sun. 


False ceiling designs are numerous. Choose the one that fits with your home ambiance. Take help from 123 Home Paints’ painting contractors in Kolkata. Our paints company in Kolkata also presents in Delhi. Get us in touch through Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.

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