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Top 10 Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

Top 10 Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen


Small kitchen space can create problems. But if you manage the space creatively, then the small space looks bigger and beautiful. Amazing colors make your kitchen look nice. For house painting in Kolkata call us. But just painting on walls is not a solution. You need to use some space-saving solutions. Consult with our house painting contractors.  


Let’s check some kitchen storage ideas that make your kitchen clean, tidy and organized


Use Cabinet Tops

You can use the cabinet tops for extra storage. Store serving platters or utensils there which are used for special occasions. Get the best home painting solution and home painting in Kolkata with us.


Pull Out Pantry

Try a pull out pantry for easy access. Keep spices, dry foods or other cooking essentials in there. Your kitchen also looks clean and tidy. If you have any query just ask our house painting contractors.


Store Above Window

Every inch matters when it comes to making a place for storage in a small kitchen. Use your window! A shelf above the window simply increases the space for plates, bowls and other essentials.


Hide Appliances

Instead of keeping the kitchen appliances like toaster, microwave in plain sight, hide these things. Consult with your house painting contractors to find creative ways to keep the appliances. Like you can create a hiding pull out tray and keep the toaster in it.


Labeled Containers

Use smart containers or glass jars to store the food and use labels. This is a smart idea to give your kitchen an organized look. Consult good house painting contractors.


Magnetic Knife Rack

Hang cutleries in the magnetic knife rack. You don’t need vast wall space to fix the magnetic strip but this makes your kitchen look nice.


Hang Cutting Board

Save space by hanging cutting board and cooking tools over your gas top. This is easy to access and also looks clean. For house painting in Kolkata call us.


Use The Corners

For a small kitchen, every inch has importance. Kitchen corners can be useful. Design a personalized drawer or shelf for the corners and keep the essentials on it. Our expert house painting contractors will suggest you.


Wall Mounted Shelves

Make a kitchen room more spacious with wall mounted shelves to store crockery.  It makes the space clean and more welcoming. You need expert paint contractors for house painting in Kolkata.


Throw Out Unnecessary Things

This is an important step to clean-up the kitchen which most people forget. Extra things make the kitchen look messy.


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