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5 Latest Trends of Wall Painting

5 Latest Trends of Wall Painting


When it comes to home painting generally people choose their favorite color. Most of the time they get confused about what color should they use. If you don’t plan it before then the end result could be drastic. But if you follow the latest trends, then the work becomes easy. It also gives your home painting a stylish makeover. Call home painting services Kolkata to know the latest trends which give your home painting a professional touch.

Let’s check out some latest trends of home painting



Soft neutral is the latest trend, but neutral never goes out of style. To add more appeal you can add furniture that matches the color. Charming neutrals can go with any type of furniture. If there is any corner, then brighten up the space with a cream shade.  


Contrasting Colors

Mix and match colors to get a contrasting look. Contrast bold colors with light colors. Paint a wall with bold color; keep the other walls with light shade. You can match the color with your furniture, curtains, bed cover or pillow. Call our home painting services Kolkata to know which colors look good on your wall.



Soothing neutrals add vibrancy to your home. The colors give a distinct look that attracts anyone. These soft hues look perfect in the children’s room. But you can use pastels in any room. The soothing hues can make even a small room look bright and beautiful. Contact our home painting services Kolkata.



Give your home painting a playful look. Paint walls with citrus tones. Lime green, yellow, tangerine and orange these bright and vibrant colors give home a dramatic touch. These colors give an unusual look. Get a suggestion from our home painting services Kolkata.


Earthy Tone

Want to give your home a refreshing vibe? Choose earthy tone for a calm and soothing earthy look. A soft clay tone looks different and makes your home painting more welcoming. Experiment with some unusual colors like terra-cotta, clove, burnt orange. These colors not only create a happy atmosphere but also give your home painting a stylish look.


Consult our home painting services Kolkata to know anything about the latest trends. Give your home an expert touch with 123 Home Paints. We are present in West Bengal and Delhi. Contact us at our Rong Numbers 8336979516/8336979514.    

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