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5 Color Ideas for Your Kitchen

5 Color Ideas for Your Kitchen


Modular kitchen is becoming a new trend in Indian households. It gives a modern look and makes a home more beautiful. Modular kitchen can be varied according to home style and shape. But what about the color? Besides home painting, kitchen painting is also necessary. Colors add splendor to your kitchen. Yes, of course, you need good home painting services Kolkata who can suggest the colors which look good on your kitchen wall.


Let’s check the colors



Coral pink looks cheerful on your kitchen wall. A fresh coat of coral gives a quirky, upbeat and joyful feeling. You can also use coral for your home painting.


Pale Yellow

Paint your kitchen with yellow. But bright yellow looks too intense. So choose a lighter shade of yellow that gives your kitchen a soothing and refreshing vibe. Consult with good home painting services Kolkata for the best possible solution.



If you like the light color but don’t want white then try cream shade. This light and bright color give a warmer feeling. Your kitchen looks more inviting. You can consult with home painting services Kolkata.


Two Colors Do Wonder

Give your home painting an interesting look. Instead of one color use two colors of the same shade. Paint your kitchen cabinet with a darker tone and apply a light shade on the walls. This will give an inviting feel and a modern look. Home painting services Kolkata will help you to decide which two colors look good on your kitchen wall.


Paint Kitchen Ceiling

Why not paint your kitchen ceiling! Generally, people do not prefer painting the ceiling. But this makes your kitchen look unique. Paint the walls with a neutral color. Add bright color to your ceiling. This creates a different look. People will surely appreciate it.


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