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What is The Minimum Budget Required for Exterior Painting of A Two Storied Building?

What is The Minimum Budget Required for Exterior Painting of A Two Storied Building?


Home painting is the best way to enhance the beauty of your home. It gives your home a new look. But the entire process is not so simple. Many factors depend on while painting a house; like choosing the paint color, type of paint and of course the cost. It takes hours to decide what color to choose for your exterior. Labor cost, wall cleaning, the coats of the paint, the square feet are also included in the budget.


House painting in Kolkata is not an easy job. The pollution level is too high and that can damage the exterior of your house. There are many things to do before painting a house; cleaning, even out the rough surface, paint selection. The most important thing is your house exterior is exposed to extreme weather condition. So to maintain the color and longevity, it is essential to use a high-quality paint color. So many painting contractors in Kolkata prefer high-quality paint.


Painting your house exterior totally depends on the location and size of the house. Basically, it is very difficult to say the minimum budget for exterior painting without knowing the proper information.


Let’s check out the paint types for house painting in Kolkata


Latex Paint

Latex paint is popular in house painting in Kolkata. This is the common type of paint that painting contractors in Kolkata generally use. This water-based paint rolls on smoothly and dries quickly. It is also environment-friendly. Also, latex paint doesn’t have much odor like oil-based paint. But latex paint has a disadvantage. It is less durable than oil-based paint. It is also more expensive than oil-based paints.


Oil-based Paint

Painting contractors in Kolkata generally prefer this type of paint in high moisture areas like trims, moldings, bathrooms and kitchen. This type of paint takes more time to dry. At the time of drying, the oil-based paint can create bad odor and it’s also not eco-friendly. The paint contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are not healthy for the environment.  


Paint finish also affects the price. There are several types of paint finishes like flat finish, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high-gloss finish.


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