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Is It Possible to Make Your Outer Wall Glossy with The Help of Exterior Wall Painting?

Is It Possible to Make Your Outer Wall Glossy with The Help of Exterior Wall Painting?


Your exterior has to look beautiful. It is the first thing people notice first. So choosing the right paint color is important. As an owner of the house, you have to ensure that the paint can endure UV rays and harsh weather condition. Our paints company in Kolkata prepare the surface with the right technique and then paint the wall. After the painting job is done, it’s time to give a paint finish. This step is necessary to make your outer wall glossy. Also, the longevity of exterior paint depends upon the paint finish. Get our home painting services Kolkata.

Our paints company in Kolkata guide you to understand the exterior paint finishes.

Generally, there are four types of exterior paint finish


Gloss Finish

It is easy to clean, but the gloss is so high that it makes your home look plastic. The shine reflects light and magnifies the flaws. Our paints company in Kolkata recommends this finish looks better on doors, door frames, windows or exterior furniture. You can find two categories in the gloss finish: Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss.


Eggshell Finish

This is the most popular exterior paint finish because it is not too dull like a flat finish or too shiny like gloss finish. The finish is durable so it can be washed easily with regular power washing technique. Contact our home painting services Kolkata for the perfect paint finish.


Satin Finish

The satin finish gives a subtle sheen that is ideal for exterior walls. You can maintain this easily. Like eggshell finish, satin finish is durable compared to flat paint. This is perfect for exterior trims which can be touched often. This finish also prevents UV rays. For home painting services Kolkata call our paints company in Kolkata to give your exterior a fine finish. 


Flat Finish

This finish works great in old houses as a flat finish can hide the flaws and imperfections very well. Compared to other paint finishes it is matte and can’t reflect light. But it has cons; flat finish is not durable, especially for the high traffic areas like doors, windows or railings where it gets touched most of the times. Our paints company in Kolkata only recommends this finish in outer surfaces.


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