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How to Make Your Exterior Paints Last Long?

How to Make Your Exterior Paints Last Long?


It’s important to create a first impression. People first notice how well you dressed, how you look. The same thing is applicable to your house. Here exterior painting does the job. A beautiful color can appeal to your guests. But the problem is once the painting is done the homeowners just forget about it. You have to remember that paint not only enhances the beauty of your exterior, but also it protects your house.

But after some years the paint becomes faded and it looks dull. It’s important to take care of your exterior paint. Our paints company in Kolkata gives you some tips that can help you to make your exterior paint last longer.


Repair damage

Damages like water leakage, rotting or other problems need to be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it would cause bigger damage in the future. Repairing makes your interior paint-ready.


Prepare the surface

Before applying the paint on the wall, it’s really important to prepare the surface. Contact our paints company in Kolkata for a professional home painting service. Our house painting contractors clean, dry and level the surface as much as possible. This helps to avoid chipping and bubbling and make the paint last long for years.


Scrape and sand

Our house painting contractors remove the damaged paint. Levelling the sharpening edge with sandpaper is also a part of their job. Otherwise, it will create thin, weak areas in the new paint.


Use primer

Primer is the foundation of your house. After scraping, use a primer so that the paint can sit properly.


Paint in a proper way

It’s very important to apply the paint in the right way. Our house painting contractors apply paint with the right thickness. Using paint in direct sunlight can decrease the paint quality because it can make the water and petroleum solvents disappear from the paint. This can worsen the paint quality.


Right painting tools

Professional house painting contractors use only the right painting equipment. This is a vital part while doing the paint job.  Our paints company in Kolkata always maintains these things.


High-quality paint and finish

Our paint company in Kolkata only uses high-quality paint for the exterior. Our house painting contractors know well about which type of paint and finish is good for your house exterior.


Give your home painting job to a professional paints company in Kolkata. Contact our house painting contractors. Dial Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514 and get 123 Home Paints’ service in West Bengal and Delhi.

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