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Is It Difficult to Maintain Wood Flooring in Damp Weather?

Is It Difficult to Maintain Wood Flooring in Damp Weather?


Monsoon brings dampness and lots of problems. Damp or moist can cause damage. So your home needs special attention this season. Specifically, if you have wooden flooring, then you have to make sure it gets proper maintenance. This is necessary to keep its original quality intact for the longest period of time. During monsoon wooden flooring has faced many problems such as swelling, dust, dirt and scratch. When house painting in Kolkata we often face such problems.

Laminate floor cleaning is easy and cost-effective. Our house painting contractors give you some tips to maintain wooden flooring in damp weather.


Close Window

It’s a smart idea to close your windows. So even there is any downpour the water cannot enter through the window and damage the wooden floor.


Cleansing Agent

A good cleansing agent is necessary to clean the floor. It can be made at your home. Mix a half cup of vinegar and a gallon of water. There are other good washing agents you can find in the market. Consult our house painting contractors to know more.



When we house painting in Kolkata we often notice the poor condition of the wooden floor. Sometimes people forget to maintain the laminate flooring. After installing the laminate floor, you need to polishing or waxing the floor. Contact our house painting contractors.


Prevent Seepage

Check if there any leakage. Any kind of spillage can damage the wood floor. It needs urgent fixing. Wipe leaking water as soon as you notice it. The more the water stays on the floor the more it causes damage.


Proper Ventilation

There should be proper cross-ventilation so that light and fresh air coming in. Otherwise, the humidity level would rise and cause dampness.


Rugs on The Floor

To prevent the fast depletion of the floor our house painting contractors suggest placing a fabric rug on the floor. This helps to keep the floor warm and also protects your laminate flooring.


If you have any query, consult our house painting contractors. For house painting in Kolkata call our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514. Get 123 Home Paints’ service in West Bengal and Delhi.

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