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Avoid These Bold Color Painting Mis...

Bright and bold colors add glamour to a room. It brightens up the room and adds awesomeness to your home painting. But choosing an ideal bold color for your home is really difficult. After applying ...Read More


Faux Painting Techniques...

Faux means fake or copy. But that’s not meant every faux thing is low-grade compared to the original. When it comes to faux painting then it’s very tricky. If the technique used properly...Read More


Decorate Home with Warm Colors...

Cold breeze, Christmas and home decoration…it’s time to celebrate. It’s time to style yourself and your home. It’s the time to keep yourself warm. Many already start to wear...Read More


Choose Your Exterior Color Combos...

Home painting also includes exterior color and painting your exterior is as important as painting your interior. Whoever comes to your home they first notice your exterior. No matter how beautiful t...Read More


How to Choose Interior Paint Color...

Before you start painting your home the most confusing part is to choose a perfect color for your home. Most of us get confused which color or shade looks good on the wall. Sometimes we pick a color...Read More


Ombre Wall Paint...

Who doesn’t want to decorate their home with beautiful paint colors! People want to make their home painting unique which attracts others. So our paint company suggests trying ombre paint. Omb...Read More


Calming Colors for Your Home...

No matter wherever you are, you always find your home comfortable. After a tiring day, nothing can be more refreshing and relaxing than to sit at your drawing-room with your closed ones. Your home w...Read More


Pastel Colors for Your Home...

Want to give your house a different makeover? Choose pastel shades for your home painting. Now pastels are very much in the trend. These soft soothing colors can add simplicity to any room. Pa...Read More


Festive Colors for Your Home...

Here comes the festive month. Puja is around the corner. People give their room a festive makeover before Puja. The biggest part of decoration is home painting. Recently our paint company colo...Read More

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