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Quick Painting Tips to Decorate You...

We all want our house to look more attractive. You know you just make your dull and boring home interesting with a simple magic; that is paint. It gives a new life to your home. The blank walls are ...Read More


Impress Your Guests with Striking F...

Last week our paint company visited one of our clients’ home. After the color selection of different rooms when we asked him what color he wants to choose for their front door, he responded ve...Read More


Attractive Attic – Turning It int...

Our paint company 123 Homepaints have faced many questions. The clients asked us should they paint this wall or that wall...does the color go with the room. As a paint applicator, we have to visit m...Read More


Paint Style for Your Exterior...

Painting exterior is as important as painting your indoors. Outside of your home is also needed special attention. This is the first thing people see when they enter your house so it has to be beaut...Read More


Small Room Decors...

It feels amazing when you choose various colors for your rooms. In our previous post, we said to paint your rooms according to your room’s character. What do you think if your home has a small...Read More


Care for Your Walls; Keep It Clean ...

After painting home taking care of your painted walls are also important. Dust, grease or crayon marks make your beautifully painted walls dirty. Cleaning your walls regularly help you to spend less...Read More


Guidelines to Follow Before Paintin...

Paint home is not an easy job. It takes much energy and time. But who doesn’t want to color their boring white walls? Colors give a dramatic look to your walls. To paint walls, it takes much e...Read More


Forget The Myths - Paint Your Home ...

We have many conventional theories regarding home painting and we follow them blindly. Before painting house our clients take suggestions from us. But many of them have a very relevant question that...Read More


Give Every Corner of Your Home a Pe...

Your home has life and every corner of your house needs special attention. Not only the decoration but also color, in fact color plays an important role. For that you need to choose a right color fo...Read More

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