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Brighten Up Your Room Using These T...

Many of our clients’ home has small rooms where sunlight doesn’t play well. You should remember not every color suits with these types of rooms. But they often ignore this fact and choos...Read More


Simple Tips to Pick a Perfect Color...

Want to paint your house but confused which color goes well with the bedroom or the living room? Picking a color is as easy as you think. But how? Our paint company tells you to remember some tips b...Read More


Experiment with Dark Colors...

Don’t want to paint your home with dull and boring color but fearing to experiment with dark! Then we are assuring you to choose the beautiful dark hues without any risk. Don’t worry, ex...Read More


How Color Reflects Your Personality...

Do you know certain colors influence mood? Colors have the power to change your emotions. They have different inner meanings. So when choosing color, first decide what mood you want to create; calm,...Read More


It’s All about Neutral...

In our previous blogs we have mentioned the different color ideas but this time we will talk about only neutrals. You may wonder what the new thing about neutral. After all, the light shades have no...Read More


Decorative Paint Techniques...

It’s fine to paint your home with beautiful, unique and solid colors and at the end, it would look really good. But what if we do something beyond good and making our home look a little differ...Read More


Common Color Mistakes...

Choosing a color is a difficult job and we often make mistakes while selecting them. When the clients do not understand which color they should choose for every rooms, they give this responsibility ...Read More


Tips to Maintain Your Wall Paint...

Painting is the easiest way to make your home beautiful. But after painting your walls, it’s important to taking care of your paint, maintain them for extending the longevity of your color.Read More


Color Blocking Ideas for Your Wall...

You want a fashionable look on the wall but don’t wish to use wallpaper! Try color blocking. The term is famous in the fashion industry. This trend has come back into fashion in the 70s. For a...Read More

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