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Layering Your Wall with Tone on Ton...

Patterns, design, wallpaper obviously look good but what about styling your wall with one or two colors. Last month, a client from Kolkata when giving a contract to our paint company asked us to use...Read More


Style Your White Walls...

White is beautiful, it’s relaxing, it’s fresh. Our paint company met clients and many of them prefer plain white walls for their living, dining, bedroom or kitchen. Many shy away to try ...Read More


Paint Your Home with Warm and Cool ...

You have many paint colors to choose from when you decide to paint your house. After giving contract, the paint company gives you a color palette to choose. Choose your favorite color but select a c...Read More


Right Way to Test Paint Color...

Before painting your wall it is important to test the paint. Any paint company would suggest before painting wall check samples. Some select their favorite color on several sheets of paper or sample...Read More


Use Healthy Paint to Make Your Home...

Home painting can change the look of the room. The colors can bring good mood. It is the most useful way to give your home a colorful makeover. But sometimes the good turns bad. Paint color can badl...Read More


Experiment With Your Ceiling – Co...

Painting wall is cool and it’s the best idea to give your home a makeover. Generally, we keep our ceilings white. We have been tired of hearing how the white color makes the room look bigger a...Read More


How to Choose Exterior Color...

Like your interior, your outdoor also needs special care and the right combination of color. Exterior paint can change the look of your house. Sometimes the most difficult thing we face is to choosi...Read More


How Lights Affect Color...

Light plays an important role and it makes a huge change in color selection. It’s also important which direction your room faces and natural light is significant when choosing color. Sometimes...Read More


Make Your Staircase More Attractive...

Stairs are also an important part of your home. You paint your overall house but missed your staircase. Have you ever thought your staircase can be the central point? Give it the same importance lik...Read More

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