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Why to Choose 123 Home Paints

At 123homepaints we strive for excellence and perfection. All our clients receive an accurate quotation for the services they need. Our team uses mechanized tools for taking all measurements in your presence so that you do not feel cheated. Our work process is completely transparent and nothing is hidden from you. We provide it beforehand so that they can make their decision. We take into account the budget and personal preferences of the clients very seriously.

The skilled painters at 123homepiants have a very scientific and diligent approach to work. They take care of your walls with Damp Treatment, i.e. Negative force treatment for crack prevention and repair. Our team would leave no stone unturned to give you a perfectly painted home.

Prior to painting, what is more important really is the treatment applied on walls. Good quality products applied in a professional and scientific manner would give you the best results. Our technicians would visit your home to inspect the condition on the walls and then suggest the required treatments, if any. Some of these essential wall treatments are Damp Treatment, Acid Treatment, etc.

The paint will not get a proper life and neither would it get to shine through without the required treatments. If avoided, your walls will start cracking and the paint will deteriorate in the long run.

Painters and Applicators chosen to work at 123homepaints are professional experts who have good experience and certification. We let only the best painters hold a paintbrush in your home.

We understand how important color selection is and hence, we guide you in the selection of the most suitable color for the walls with our color/interior experts. Our team takes special measures to ensure that you receive the colors you asked for. We would like to ensure that there is absolutely no difference is the delivery versus what the actual commitment. At 123homepaints you can be completely assured about guaranteed perfection.

The working procedure at 123homepaints is of mature and advanced level. We use advanced processes like keeping a moisture meter which reads the water penetration levels at any wall's surface by utilizing electrical mechanisms; Masking, where all the items which do not require paint application are covered with masking tape; Dust free sander implementation to prevent you from any hassles in the future and many more. Nowhere else would you find such a comprehensive pack of services at such an affordable cost. Our team would also present the clients with regular Phase Reporting updates to keep them in the loop and keep everything transparent.

We want our clients to book our services without an ounce of hesitation or doubt in their mind. Our customer service team is excellent at guiding and assisting all our clients at each step. They would constantly stay in touch with you and take into account your feedback.

All the schemes we offer are 100% customer friendly. You are always given top priority at all stages. Right from EMI facilities, After Sales to a *five year warranty; we have got it all covered for you.