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5 Tips for Painting A Ceiling

If you are thinking to make your home look different from others then give attention to your ceiling. While the white ceiling gives a fresh and clean look, on the other hand-colored ceiling created a dimension. White or color shades, whatever you choose, remember to appoint a professional paints company in Kolkata.

Preparation of Ceiling

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You need reputed home painting services Kolkata to prepare your ceiling. Before start painting your ceiling the home painting services Kolkata first cover your floor. This will prevent the ceiling paint from staining your tiles, marbles or carpet.


Sanding the entire ceiling is important to remove dust and dirt that has built up over time. The paints company in Kolkata uses the sandpaper across the ceiling in a circular motion.

Apply Primer

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Primer helps to stick the paint to the ceiling and absorb the coat of paint. Generally, after priming the ceiling only one coat of paint is required.

Our paints company in Kolkata is giving you some tips for painting your ceiling

Paint Ceiling in Zigzag Line

A good paints company in Kolkata will paint the ceiling in W and V shapes to get an even texture. They will apply the paint maintaining an even pressure without ever removing the roller.

Accent Ceiling

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Why not making your ceiling an accent! If you choose neutral colors for your walls then apply bold colors like orange, red, and turquoise in your ceiling. This will give your home a new and unique look. Ceiling color adds depth and complements the accessories even more. Ceiling color looks good on standalone rooms that aren’t connected to other rooms like bedroom, home offices, studies and bathroom.

Paint around an Object

Especially a hanging object…our paints company in Kolkata suggests you paint around fan and chandelier. This looks stunning and unique. If your dining room has a center light fixture, a bright color around it just changes the look of the room.

The Right Type of Paint

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Ceiling paint is designed only for the ceiling. A single coat is enough to cover all imperfections. But the wall paint is thinner and it needs two or more coats to get the desired look. The home painting services Kolkata will first paint the ceiling, then paint walls, trims and doors.

Choosing the Shade

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It’s important to choose the shade smartly. Light or dark; it totally depends on the height of the walls. If the height is low then paint your ceiling with a light color to give the room a larger and airy look. But if the walls are taller then give your room a cozy and inviting feel by painting your ceiling with dark color.

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